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Locations: USA
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Locations: Germany
Virtual Private Server
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USA, Germany, Russia
Dedicate Server
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Dedicated Ip
Reliable & Secure
99.9% uptime

Welcome to Digital Pound,  one stop shop for all needs of hosting. Why move around and shop around between hosts when you can purchase all of your servers from a single company? With the Digital Pound Global Network, we can provide hosting services in over 20 different locations around the globe while we are still maintaining quality service and support.

Advantages of working with us

Digital Pound Company offers leasing of dedicated servers (server hosting) on Intel and Asus platforms in Moscow, Germany, USA, France and in the Netherlands for all sorts of tasks. We cooperate with the largest and most reliable Russian, Amercians and European data centers. A dedicated server, allocated in another country is an additional guarantee of security and data integrity.

You can lease your main server in our valuable locations or use it as a backup server for your corporate data bases. If you decide to lease a server from us, you can do it within 24 hours.
Leasing a dedicated server is a major money-saver. Better than buying expensive hardware you can lease it. A dedicated server will not go out of date and will not be taken to a service center for a month; you will always get a replacement at first request within one working day.

Our highly qualified specialists will provide technical support for your dedicated servers 24 hours a day and will answer all your questions. You can forget about problems related to servicing and maintenance of hardware – all the problems with operability of leased server will be the responsibility of us. In case of dedicated server failure, you will be provided a new one with a minimal interruption of your web site functioning. Your data will not be lost due to continuous backing up.


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