Billing Policy

Billing Policy

As a client to Digital Pound, you are responsible for keeping your account information updated at all times. If you just created your account, your requests will be activated after we confirm your payment. It includes orders that we received through our online order form or those orders that we received through postal mail. All new accounts will receive their receipts the same day after their accounts have been produced and the instructions to set up our services will be sent to the customers email.

Billing Procedure

For Credit Card & paypal Payments

If you paid using your credit cards or paypal, you will be charged the same day that your account is set up. After your renewal date, you are going to be charged on the first week of the month, unless you send us a notice that you want our services to be discontinued. For example, if you purchased a service for 3 months and you signed up 16th of March, you will be charged on this date and your service will expire on 16th of June. If you didn’t inform us that you want your service discontinued, you will be charged on first week of July. In the event that your account for renewal has been declined, Digital Pound will notify you via email and you will have 1 week to reply.

For Non-Credit Card Payments

Payments made by bank checks, bank drafts, money orders and other form of payments should be made to Digital Pound fifteen days before client’s recurring billing date. If you failed to make payments seven days before your renewal date, the service will be discontinued.


Receipts are going to be sent for every purchases availed from Digital Pound right after the account is set up. You need to send a request to our billing department if you wish to receive your receipts through postal mail.

Cancellation Requests

Cancellation requests must be made at least seven days before your account’s renewal date in case you want your Digital Pound services to be discontinued.


Digital pounds clients are expected to be committed throughout their service cycle. Discount from the services is being offered to regular clients but pro-rated services on service cycles, regardless of length are not included in the discount. You are also committed to avail Digital Pounds services with up front payment. The services we are being offered are backed by our guarantee. While we offer no refunds for pro-rated services beyond the first 15 days of use, you are not committed in continuing with our service even though you already paid for it. All fees for domain name charges, Dedicated Servers and set up costs are not available for refund in case you avail our 15 day money back guarantee. If you have any questions regarding this policy, do contact us at [email protected].

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